Miami Based Jewelry Designer


Sustainability is a word that is often heard in the world right now and I got to thinking, what does sustainability mean to me? How does it inform my current business?

As of January 2019, this is how I'm approaching sustainability. I know as this business grows and evolves my approach to sustainability will as well.


Production. Currently I only offer made-to-order, custom pieces the beauty of this approach is the lack of excess inventory that is not taking up space and using resources. I hand make all the designs for quality and longevity

Testing. I wear test all the designs to make sure they will wear well over the course of time. If a piece does not pass the wear test, the design goes back to drawing board where it is tweaked and re-imagined. That newly improved design is then tested again and when it passes those techniques used. Sometimes a piece does not work out in which case, it gets taken apart and the components reused for a new design and metals recycled.

Packaging. Packaging these pieces in a beautiful yet environmentally friendly way will be a challenge that I am excited to tackle. My primary goal for 2019 is figuring out where (and how) to source sophisticated packaging that is biodegradable and easily recyclable or is reusable. this is very important to me as all the little bits that go into packaging truly add up over time…

As the business grows it will change, as a consequence this page, and my approach to sustainability will change. I'm excited for what the future brings. Thank you for joining the journey!!!